Website optimization to get a large number of effective keywords nine ways

1, get more keywords from your team

because your team are people who know the business, they will provide some valuable new insights and ideas.

2, from the customer’s existing web site to get more keywords

, for example, are now using the keywords in the site is a good candidate for us.

3, get more keywords from the industry media

such as magazines, newspapers, and see what terms they use to describe the company’s products and services.

4, from the website statistics system

such as CNZZ statistics, YAHOO statistics you can get a lot of candidate keywords, these words are good results.

5, get more keywords from your account

to understand what your customers are using to describe the company’s products and services, and then find these customers, you will be able to get more high-quality keywords.

6, search statistics from the station to get more keywords

let the administrator statistical website about customer behavior in the company’s website, for example customers to the site in the station are what the main search keywords, the search results are what reality and customers click over which pages, statistics, keywords is also very valuable.

7, search engines from the relevant search to get more keywords

, such as the following 10 Baidu keyword is a good candidate keywords.

8, from your friends that get more keywords.

When we find the key words such as

, always thinking by professional restrictions, so the key words are very professional, if this time your target customer is not the industry, so your friends give advice may be very useful, even a little friend will give you a surprise.

9, get more keywords from the competitor’s website

your competitors they will do a lot of useful work for you to choose keywords.

source: Guangxi Wu SEO training


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