Talking about the development mode of music personal website

is now a lot of various types of websites, music sites are the same, the overwhelming new music sites endless. Here to talk about the development of music web site considerations.

existing music personal website generally has two modes:

mode one: they have an independent server, the server has hundreds of G MP3 song resources. Provide online playback function, you need to convert MP3 songs into wma format, otherwise the server can not eat. Free MP3 format song download (the server may not be able to download traffic).

analysis: this model is an advanced model of personal music sites, his income depends entirely on online advertising. Because there is no way to do copyright issues. Another MP3 song in Baidu is easy to search for. Resources do not have high value.

mode two: only a virtual space, a set of procedures for the bulk of other sites to collect songs, only provide online playback.

analysis: this mode is now very common thief station, low input, maintenance time saving, but is subject to the collection server. Only rely on online advertising to profit. Resources do not have high value.

for the existing status quo, how to develop the individual music website?

I think we should have the following points.

1 song resources have high value (songs are popular! In addition to your site, it’s hard to find anywhere else)

2 listen and download (WMA format free preview, integral MP3 format download)

3 can have their own unique style (leading the fashion style)

splendor in this way are embroidered new music on the line. It also has more than 3 points. Will usher in a new upsurge of "the keyword Diewu embroidery".

Diewu embroidery will become a young new interpretation of music


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