My rental network offline promotion

in order to develop my Foshan rental network (, I took the online and offline dual promotion model. Online promotion, I am a daily human flesh to add content, adhere to update every day, and then bought a few sets of network marketing software for mass publicity. Under the line publicity, I do not have the form of a promotional brochure, but a number of stores and shopping malls in the recruitment and recruitment of two ways.

first said that some of the stores and shops to cooperate. Find the shop owner, I first and he (she) who said the importance of speed and current development of the Internet China online advertising, then help them in Foshan related to the local shops and online publicity of their products, but on condition that they have to let me in their shop with my rent website advertising alone. A small leaflet didn’t make any difference to their store, and there was no conflict between my advertisement and the goods they sold, so they soon agreed. They nod, my ad immediately posted up, fast enough, huh? Huh?. Of course, I promised to help them on the Internet to promote their shops must do, or, a few days may be my advertising will be ripped off them.

say the way to advertise in the recruitment site. For many young people, and most of the young people to understand the computer, and is now at the beginning of May, a number of job seekers or just go out the job from the university students, they arrived in a strange place, totally strange, in the job at the same time, of course, also hope to be able to rent a good house to live under their own convenience. As a result, my Foshan rental network ( advertising will make them look bright.

why I did not use Tong Jie hair advertising a single way? Because I think Tong Jie hair handbill, send out the list that I do not know whether to potential users, and send out the single tend to be the one hand immediately thrown away, this effect is not big, but also a waste of money. And I take to cooperate with the store put ads on their store, permanent, one can achieve advertising and secondly, potential users see, they will be hard to write down my website, and then log publish their own information, not potential users see, maybe he will help me to propagandize it the.

attached below I shop in the mall and recruitment site posted the ad, first look at the mall store advertising:



look at the recruitment site ad:



finally, I sincerely hope to work with the local web site with the brothers together to learn, communicate together, progress together, with the development of. At the same time, also hope >

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