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this afternoon to participate in a communication to help the guests to discuss the theme of small and medium sized web site profit model and promotion. After we discuss the site’s profit model, I have to go because of something. I am familiar with the network is not able to promote the exchange and everyone, a little regret.

before Mu Yi wrote the article in the large website effective promotion method  . In order to make up for the regret this afternoon, so in their blog to share with you personally feel that small and medium sites suitable for the use of a number of promotional tools. Mainly divided into two parts to write, do not spend money to promote and spend money to promote, for different types of small and medium sites. Today to share with you some of the main means of promotion.

this method is mainly based on the number of registered users, or the number of visits, relying entirely on online advertising as the main way to profit small and medium sites. Because they do not have a direct profit model at the beginning, unlike e-commerce sites, as long as the targeted users, you can make money immediately. Such as entertainment, leisure, some kind of website information, there is no pre direct profit mode, need to access the accumulation of certain registered users or stable, if you start to rely on money to do promotion, is not cost-effective, the site is also very difficult to hold on for a long time. Now tell us about the small and medium-sized sites can do a little money to promote the way.

A: SEO (search engine optimization)

today, some of the means of promotion is actually the old growth talk, I am also a summary of the main. A site in the absence of funds, but also want to get very targeted traffic. SEO is the best means, and entertainment, leisure, information is particularly suitable for the site. Because these types of Web site keywords, not like e-commerce website keywords, it will directly produce economic benefits, so there will not be many people do ppc. And the search for such words is particularly high. So there is a very high SEO value, now a lot of entertainment website, on SEO every day now for a few W IP. A relatively simple example, in the Baidu search Youku "" appears on the first page of some small sites, by optimizing the two day search volume WIP dozens of words, as long as the first page, every day a few easy access to W IP, you can put the network advertisement to make money. Detailed SEO specific practices, we can look at this article:

two: Forum promotion (soft Wen promotion)

Forum promotion is my first promotion, but also I have been aware of the lowest threshold promotion. As long as people will go to the forum post, will do this. Forum promotion is actually very simple, first of all, clear your site target users mainly on what kind of forum, or what model block. Do a good job in the preparatory work, the more popular

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