Network network will start the global ecological Partner Conference

in the Internet era, the domestic wine industry, go to the dealer, to the traditional channel, the voice intensified, embrace the Internet ecosystem has become a trend in the transformation and upgrading of choice.

days ago, the media broke the news, in August 8th August 9th the network network held a "global ecological partner meeting in beijing". Star shareholders debut, billions of equity incentive plan and other innovative eco play law, once sparked concern.


network network "eco win the future" the global ecological partner meeting

news shows, or Ma Su will be after the "director Zheng Xiaolong, MI month biography" the flowers television President Dunyong, star shareholders encroach on the next ecological wine. Madden is more, network network will also open the general assembly in the field of value billion equity incentive plan, to refresh the industry standard ecological policy feedback ecological partner. It is reported that, in addition to a series of new play, network network will also have ecological strategy to upgrade deployment, lay the foundation for ecological benefit and long-term partner.

star shareholders, equity incentive secret play

multimedia from the disclosure of the message, since March, the wine network network life world ecological strategy "gradually fall, the business model has become more mature, the ecological value of previews. At this time held a "global ecological Partner Conference", is essentially a poly 1000 partner, before the forward-looking strategic vision to jointly plan win-win value in the new stage.

at the product level, the global network network thousands of its own high-quality brand will be fully released, including for the high-end crowd boutique wine, for the general population of the new world Wine, and launched the global strategic cooperation and taking production of its own brand products. Through the network network ecological operation create phenomenal star of a single product, as a partner to enhance the competitiveness of the brand and brand premium ability.

at the policy level, a new round of ecological policy comeback, or than during the spring of sugar thrown ecological subsidies more. The difference is that the announcement of the message disclosed in a number of alternative ecological play, let a person shine:

, actor Ma Su will be the first to show the identity of the shareholders star network network for formal occasions. Ma Su’s first talk about themselves and become attached to the original intention of network network, and with global partners to discuss the future of ecological ecological benefit in the wine industry road.


(Ma Su and LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui


second, the value of the equity incentive plan will be announced at the conference. This means that the traditional dealer product profit role will end, instead of the shared risks and benefits of eco system partners.

three, give a person to fish. Network network invited many senior people in the industry analysis of consumption changes, the deconstruction of the most cutting-edge industry development trends.

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