nternet economy rose over the same period e commerce continues to heat up

in the context of the global economic crisis, China’s economic downturn, China’s Internet has been affected to some extent, a slight decline in the chain. But compared to other industries, the Internet growth is still prominent, showing the continued vitality and vitality of the new economy.

According to iResearch

upcoming release of the first quarter of 2009, China’s Internet market monitoring report shows that in the first quarter of 2009, China’s Internet revenue scale of 13 billion 370 million yuan, an increase of 15.4%. Which personal income rose 29.2% year on year, corporate revenue rose slightly year on year of 0.4%. Although affected by the economic crisis and seasonal factors, the decline in growth, but compared with the overall situation of China’s economy, the performance is still outstanding.

e-commerce as an important model of the Internet, represents the core and essence of the Internet business. E-commerce plays an important role in the Internet economy.

iResearch data show that e-commerce B2B affected by foreign trade growth rate has declined, but the scale of e-commerce transactions continue to maintain strong growth momentum.

in view of China’s many macroeconomic indicators in March to pick up, the overall economic situation is more optimistic. 09 years of foreign trade in the first quarter of economic factors have eased the environment, so B2B e-commerce is relatively stable. Although the enterprise terminal revenue only rose 0.4%, but the business side rate of revenue decline has slowed, showing signs of bottoming, iResearch expects second quarter growth will bottom up.

is the electronic commerce industry is the focus of rookie, a leading professional search engine B2B CEO " Dyson said a hundred responses to a single call, Chinese; the next ten years the Internet e-commerce is ten years, the hot e-commerce era has begun. " in the current economic situation, e-commerce has entered a period of rapid growth, within 35 years, will gradually become a mainstream business platform from a non mainstream business platform.

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