Electricity supplier seller Taobao customer promotion core customer perspective

as the beginning of the 09 year of Taobao promotion platform become an independent school, until now, has gradually formed the climate, for the electricity supplier sellers, this is a good channel to promote and sell a single node, a single Commission, don’t worry about what risk, without additional cost of advertising, and other advertising costs to hundreds of tens of thousands of it is especially, affordable, and cost-effective.

many sellers have seen the advantage of Taobao customers to promote, in the webmaster BBS, the website also released the guest recruitment post, a few days ago, I told a few sellers selling shoes to chat, talk to here, said the thousands of promotion expenses and make nearly more than 10 thousand of the profits. Want to spend a great effort to do Taobao off promotion, but the actual effect is? Two months later, I saw some people ask, people do not see.

Where’s the

? Why? In fact, obviously, Taobao off the wrong way, many sellers are subconsciously think recruiting Taobao customers, in fact, to recruit agents, the distribution is the same. In fact, this is wrong, because there is no inventory cost and payment for your relationship, very little dependence on you, or if the agency and distribution of the road, it is normal or No one shows any interest in part company each going his own way.

so, if Taobao customer as your customer? Then it became clear that Taobao customers have the demand, because he is your industry, products related to the site, he needs your product to promote (except the rebate network or the like), need to know the product selling point, because he needs to combine to refine, to around this point to write soft, need to know the actual product sales is good? Customer acceptance? Customer service guarantee and so on, in fact these with the usual customer psychology is the same. Think of this, I think you should know about Taobao off the core of the promotion where


1, Amoy Recruitment Information


should not be high commission, high conversion is very exaggerated, unrealistic words.

sadly now many sellers released Taobao customer recruitment post, can be seen everywhere in the high commission, high conversion, thousand words, but they cannot afford the high commission fine knock, high conversion? How high? A commission of 100, is very high, but a month sold only 3 single user acceptance, as can be imagined, high conversion, 50 single transaction, including 30 single shot several account brush single pay, let alone a monthly income of over a million.


we want to recruit guest information, the key should reflect the quality of the product, customer acceptance, such as continuous sales category first, customer over a million and so on, should be followed by selling products is clear, compared to other competitors have competitive advantage and so on, these are the focus of Taobao customer concern the. Let them sleep, pushing my product, it is easy to push effect is guaranteed, the product is good, popular, and store the reliable service and so on, this is the guest should recruit >

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