Friends online line smash advertising web site prices soared

Sept. 1, by the world’s largest group purchase website Groupon jointly jointly launched the joint venture Tencent website ( on the 28 day was proclaimed. At present, the site has begun to accept the user’s mail registration, and the opportunity to get 70 percent off experience discount. The formal service group purchase will be held in early March officially launched, then users can participate in the delicacy, hairdressing, SPA, entertainment and other aspects of the group purchase activities.


it is understood that in addition to Gaopeng Groupon and Tencent jointly funded, also successfully introduced Yunfeng fund investment, so this was born with a golden key group purchase website has not been officially unveiled, launched a large-scale market promotion, popularity continues to soar.

According to

ylmf founder Lai Linfeng said, out of the 114 customers brand trust, Gaopeng has already spent heavily to buy the 114 site of the gold position, is expected to line every day for online friends to bring their considerable traffic. The need for respect for partners, Lai Lin Feng did not disclose Gaopeng buy advertising a specific price and time, only that location and price are generous in the industry.

as early as the official entry into the Groupon, the domestic industry to buy the group launched a fierce market competition, the industry known as the thousand regiment war". Along with the domestic group purchase site, 24 tickets sold out network network, a new round of financing, is expected to have nearly 1 billion yuan of funds belonging to the advertising field this year. Correspondingly, from the beginning of the second half of last year, several major domestic portals and mainstream web site navigation advertising prices have rising trend, especially the network marketing channel site navigation and other obvious effect has become increasingly scarce, which inevitably will lead to a price war. (TechWeb)

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