Jingdong to buy iPhone6 4 years ago it is difficult to have a reasonable explanation of the memoran

original title: iPhone6 came out 4 years ago memo

Wang in early June from the Jingdong store to buy iPhone6 mobile phone, after activation found a record in the September 3, 2011 memorandum, was suspected to buy refurbished machines, but Apple mobile phone serial number query confirmed that the mobile phone is genuine. Yesterday, apple customer service and after-sales service providers are not able to give a reasonable explanation, Jingdong has not identified specific reasons.

in June 1st this year, Ms. Wang from Jingdong mall orders, buy a 16G iPhone6, the next day delivery. Because it is the first time to use Apple products, Ms. Wang went to the apple store, so that staff to help activate, and registered ID number, open iCloud.

back home, Ms. Wang early adopters of the new mobile phone, inadvertently found a message in the memo, opening a look found only three periods, there is no other substance, but the information recording time but let her be startled at, "the message is September 3, 2011, mobile phone but I just bought."

When the

Jingdong is a "refurbished" storm, Ms. Wang, the first feeling is that he bought refurbished machines, but then I thought, not ah, iPhone6 just listed last year, even if the renovation will not appear as information.

in order to figure out, Ms. Wang first call Apple customer service inquiries, apple customer service confirmed that the phone is genuine, but also explain why the old memorandum, I suggest she asked the seller. She also called Jingdong customer service consulting, customer service can not give a reasonable explanation, said it would transfer to the customer service staff involved.

yesterday, Ms. Wang will be sent to the relevant evidence, the reporter noted that this strange memo recorded at 1:56 on September 3, 2011, the content is only three full stop.

yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter call Apple customer service, to provide the phone number, the customer service inquiry that the phone is really genuine, warranty time as of June 1, 2016. As for why there will be a 4 years ago, traces of information, customer service, said they really can not explain.

then the reporter contacted Apple customer service repair business 100 help a person in charge of Mr. Lee, he told reporters, because Ms. Wang opened the iCloud, whether other Apple Devices copy the contents in? But Ms. Wang told reporters that the mobile phone is their first Apple device, can eliminate the cause. Mr. Li also said that the matter was very strange.

Jingdong customer service confirmed that Ms. Wang has indeed been carried out feedback, customer service can not explain, is currently applying for special customer service intervention coordination.

Wang said that the mobile phone is in use, and not be a big problem, do not want to return, is like a map that if it is used to replace the new machine. Jingdong is still checking specific reasons.

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