His 4 billion yuan set by introducing four party business planning layout early investment

since March 4th, brilliance shares because is planning major issues and has been suspended, four strategic investors overwhelmed by the introduction of the all backing is not small. The "national team" said the CDB owns more than 50 domestic and overseas funds and domestic first national equity investment fund (FOF), who has a stake in the ant gold clothing, Jiangxi LDK, brewmaster network and other enterprises, last year to participate in the establishment of Sino French (M & A) fund project to have more strong ability to integrate global resources. While another heavy investor, under the Shanghai Haitong Securities, which belongs to the acquisition fund, had also been involved in the privatization of the United States and other major projects grand game.

both embrace Yonghui supermarket or open strategic investment, brilliance to seek change attitude has been affirmed by more and more people in the industry, and its adjustment seems to have intensified. Bailian frankly, in recent years, the traditional retail business sustained by the electricity supplier (thematic reading) and other emerging formats impact company will further adjust the asset structure and business structure of enterprises.

in Shanghai state-owned enterprise reform mixed team always moves constantly brilliance, and finally opened a mysterious veil suspended for a long time.

April 18th, brilliance shares announced that the non-public offering of shares in the form set by no more than 260 million 250 thousand shares, the issuance of the subscription object including Bailian Group 927 million yuan, CDB 1 billion yuan, Zhuhai Mu Shan investment 1 billion 550 million yuan, 300 million yuan Shanghai buyout funds and Shanghai net inflow of investment 200 million yuan, the total amount of about 3 billion 977 million yuan.

, in addition to brilliance is in the form of equity subscription, the injection of assets, the remaining four are subscribed in cash with a strategic investor into brilliance.

It is reported that

, Bailian Group the injection of assets held by its 49% stake and Chongming brilliance central shopping center 51% equity, the estimated value of approximately 927 million yuan. The brilliance of the non-public offering of shares is expected after deducting the cost of issue can be raised not more than 3 billion 50 million yuan in cash. The brilliance of this money flows are mainly three: of which 804 million yuan will be used in the Nanjing Aotelaisi Plaza project, 618 million yuan for Chuansha Bailian shopping center project, and the remaining 1 billion 628 million yuan will be used as the supplementary liquidity.

The concept of reform reaction

outside the brilliance overwhelmed by the massive release more positive. Guotai Junan Securities analyst Meng Zi in its latest research report pointed out: "brilliance through asset injection, the introduction of the war vote at the same time, and the use of raised funds to build a full channel retail and extension of mergers and acquisitions, the retail business is expected to take the opportunity to enhance the vitality of the ship."

strategic investment full admission

recently and Yonghui supermarket private enterprises to achieve cooperation, transfer of Bailian Group 21.17% of the shares of the Lianhua Supermarket under the flag of the mixed ownership reform pace is getting faster and faster.

since March 4th, brilliance shares because is planning major issues and has been suspended, this.

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