Jingdong executives interpret earnings WeChat QQ conversion rate is lower than their own application

Jingdong executives interpret earnings: WeChat QQ conversion rate is lower than its own application

[TechWeb] March 4th news, Jingdong mall released as of the fourth quarter of December 31, 2014 and full year unaudited financial results. Jingdong reported a mall in the fourth quarter net revenues of 34 billion 700 million yuan ($5 billion 600 million), representing a growth of 73%; a net loss of 454 million 300 thousand yuan (about 73 million 200 thousand dollars), 110 million yuan net loss compared to the same period last year expanded significantly.

Jingdong reported that in the fourth quarter of 2014, Jingdong net loss of $454 million 300 thousand (about $73 million 200 thousand), net profit margin of -1.3%. The main reason for the loss is the cost of equity incentive, as well as the amortization of intangible assets arising from the acquisition of the assets and business acquisitions of strategic cooperation with Tencent.


, Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu said: when it comes to cooperation with Tencent, especially WeChat and mobile QQ, compared with PC and their application in Jingdong entrance, WeChat and mobile QQ level entrance to the flow of our contribution, repeat purchase rate is also good. In addition, WeChat and mobile QQ in terms of attracting new users also contributed greatly to us. As for the conversion rate, the conversion rate of WeChat and mobile QQ are lower than Jingdong’s own applications, but over time, we believe that this situation will be improved.

report also pointed out that, in addition, the 2014 total annual Jingdong transactions reached 260 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 107%; the total dealer and the third party platform were 159 billion 300 million yuan and 100 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 70% and 217%.

for the third party platform business growth than proprietary business Jingdong, Jingdong chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong in the interpretation of the earnings report said: Jingdong proprietary business mainly concentrated in the standard category, and the third party service platform mainly concentrated in the non standardized category.

from the market capacity, the number of non-standard categories and market sales are far greater than the standard category. In the long run, the proportion of GMV third party platform has exceeded 50%. Control of products. Jingdong is not just open the platform to third parties. In addition, of course, we have a strict system process, to help us through the review to control the fake platform."

Liu Qiangdong also pointed out that each platform after more than and 10 years of operation, has gradually formed its own platform culture. Jingdong platform from the beginning focused on products and services to impress consumers. Some businesses in the Jingdong platform on some of the bad products and services, but we will quickly find, and always take a zero tolerance policy, once discovered will always be expelled from our platform. (Aruhan)

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