Domain protection strategy

More and more

domain name suffix, the domain name has more and more problems, the domestic large enterprises, small and medium enterprises, multinational companies and individuals will encounter many problems about domain name, here are some strategies for protection of domain name.

domain name suffix is not universal. More and more, plus the suffix, so many enterprises at a loss in the selection time. Some enterprises registered a lot of domain name, but decentralized management, easy to lose; some own enterprise or product name registered by others and had to settle for second, do not know how to seek justice; some companies have sales and reputation of quality products, but when there is no sense to use Internet marketing. So let your own domain name registered by speculators; some enterprises are ideal because of their own domain name has been erected, to register a.Web (domain name is only few offbeat global browser identification, and Internet Interconnection, if he violates the spirit) and then put into marketing expenses for this domain, it is tantamount to there are individuals in the study; each new domain name suffixes (such as info, biz) on the time of registration, took out his personal savings at a time. Registered dozens or even hundreds of domain name, to be able to wait for the right price to sell a lot. Here I combine several years of experience, talk about different types of enterprises and individuals should take the different domain name strategy.

domestic large enterprises

is often the brand value of the enterprise business philosophy, service philosophy is concise, customers and partners to ensure the confidence of the market, is the crystallization of hundreds of millions of investment. A large part of the value of a well-known large enterprise is its brand value. After the advent of the Internet era, large enterprises are faced with the urgent task of seamless integration of online and offline brands. The same or related domain name with the big business enterprise is the competition object of the competitor, the individual speculator. China because it is late, the Internet Party mid 90s, well-known large enterprises more than 70% brands have been personal cybersquatting. For ICANN (domain name cybersquatting, all top management institutions in the world) is defined as: registered no legitimate rights in the domain name, and to have reasonable performance after the registration was sold or leased attempt. In order to let the well-known enterprises to registered well-known brands will sometimes point to a domain name has nothing to do with the brand, and even the Yellow site.

in order to avoid the emergence of such a dilemma, well-known enterprises should be as early as possible to all of their own brands and their associated combinations (such as myhaier, haiergroup, etc.) in English and Chinese to register the domain name suffix. Also, a new domain (such as info, biz etc.) to open registration, often provide brands antecedent rights (such as Sunrise or system). Enterprises should seize this rare opportunity, submitted in accordance with the requirements of domestic and international trademark registration certificate, let cybersquatters have no chance. A large company that is committed to developing the international market should also be registered in the country of

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