The traditional second hand car dealer Fire seeds second hand car five sins

news March 9th, days before the Harbin second-hand car market technical director Yang Ge issued shelling seeds second-hand car platform, and the traditional second-hand car dealer’s perspective to C2C question.

used car intermediary class of the main, is itself a secondary part of the industry, the second-hand car business class is an important part of." Yang Ge think, whether it is the main category of second-hand car intermediary, or business class, in fact, the community needs, the main business class more social needs. The intermediary class of second-hand car service is impossible to eliminate business class, so please do not (C2C used car platform) shouted to destroy the B."

Yang Ge said that the used car industry has four main business. One is the second-hand car market, package under the site, collect rental and tickets, state-owned and private enterprises are involved; two is the second-hand car business, with the acquisition and sales as a business model, namely asset heavy model, large capital investment; three is the second-hand car brokers, not only involves the acquisition of company vehicles, intermediary services four; assessment of second-hand car company, to the assessment report.


According to

billion state power network to understand, like all the seeds and car C2C virtual Internet consignment model used car company, should be classified into third categories, which belongs to the class of intermediary services.

Yang Ge believes that second-hand car Internet called C2C mode, namely the Internet virtual consignment model advertised individual owners sold directly to individual buyers, no middlemen profit is lying". 3% of the service fee charged, but the intermediary fee for a statement, it is not completely free. The traditional car commercial exhibition hall do the store consignment for radio listeners, received only 1% of the difference between "".

In addition to the

, the Internet used car company issued more than 200 test reports, Yang Ge was considered to be bragging". He said, referring to the host plant used car detection project development standards, the need for lifting machine, need to travel inspection, even the key to whether the key to the security of the bolts are to be checked, only 108.

Harbin municipal government quality supervision departments in our market to invest nearly 2 million of the used car identification center, with imported equipment, there is no test of the 259." Yang Ge said.

billion state power network discovery, in the second-hand car inspection report for all vehicles said foreign professional detection of 249 seeds, 259, and channel 128, the car is easy to shoot 268. Basically higher than the Harbin municipal government quality supervision departments to invest nearly 2 million of the number of second-hand car testing center established by the number of detection of 108.

it is reported that in 2015 China used car electricity supplier (ToC) trading volume accounted for 79.6% of B2C, C2C accounted for 20.4%. Among them, the B2C model known as the solution to the end of the car dealers to sell the car needs, the source of the car to control the ability to make a variety of profitable, high turnover rate and other advantages, while the C2C model is known as the removal of the middle distribution >

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