To create a new network era Baidu business turned out

asked if China which network company focused on small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing, with its near monopoly in the China search market share and search the super effect of marketing of Baidu and a collection of many small and medium enterprises have Alibaba.

founded 99 Alibaba Ma once said the Internet boom let Chinese entered the network era. Indeed, the value of the network in 03 years during the period of SARS is strongly highlighted. Tasted the sweetness of network marketing companies, especially the capital is not relatively rich in small and medium enterprises from the addiction. As a Chinese search giant Baidu is to rely on its search marketing targeted and differentiated from other marketing flexibility in October 2001 launched a new business model – Baidu promotion.

at this point, China’s network marketing market in full swing, the network marketing tools emerge in an endless stream: site traffic statistics system, information delivery system, online customer service system, etc.. As China preferred enterprise network marketing promotion, Baidu promotion in order to provide more comprehensive services to customers, even more has launched the Baidu business center, Baidu statistics and network marketing tool, and in 2010 April launched a super powerful online customer service system, Baidu business.

said the online customer service system, a lot of people are not strangers, from the initial online QQ to TQ through negotiations to 53 customer service, LIVE800, 5107, Le language, and so a wide variety (not less than twenty), the function is also increasingly perfect. With the development of network marketing, online customer service system has become more and more important in network marketing, online customer service system has become an important tool of network marketing, but also enhance the image of corporate website, strengthen the necessary tools for enterprises and visitors interaction. Which is in want of perfection despite fierce competition, but the price of the product is also uneven, from five hundred or six hundred yuan to several thousand yuan VIP single seat version of the nearly ten thousand dollars. The complex market lets the user pick hualiaoyan, I do not know what to do. And for the promotion of Baidu customers launched Baidu business with its free, ten separate sites, 100 seats online support, all the strength of different enterprises. So let us know what is the Baidu business (here is Baidu’s official website for its introduction):

is for the promotion of Baidu Baidu business customers to provide a free website business communication tools. As a "bridge" to build on the site owners and visitors, Baidu business help both efficient and convenient communication. Use the tools provided in the name card, visitor marketing source tracking, network storage, customer service management, rich functions, Baidu business to help you negotiate, grasp the opportunities,


Baidu business characteristics — a person open, multi site multi person, can use

Baidu business support up to 10 sites, 100 online customer service. Only you open the function, you can use the company’s customer service staff. Free online storage space Baidu business also provides 500MB, common language, common file can be used on any computer.

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