Hungry founder Zhang Xuhao Online takeaway marathon dream

reporter Liu Fangyuan intern reporter Wei Syria in Beijing

May 9th in the afternoon, the weather in Beijing is not good as usual. Looking at the gray dormitory window, the NPC School of journalism Wang decided not to go out to dinner. Do not want to go out, and then take it to get the roommate’s identity, Wang skilled brush to open a hungry website, 32 under orders, and then sit down and take away downstairs.

hungry, this name quite lazy mind are chowhound website, has become the largest Chinese food takeaway ordering platform.

April 2009, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a few students in the joint creation of hunger. 5 years of development, it is not like the recent fiery taxi software that everyone knows, but appeared in the soundless and stirless more people’s lives.

hungry according to internal data, to 2014, the average daily volume of orders for takeout on the site has reached more than 100 thousand single, annual turnover of more than 1 billion 200 million online, covering nearly more than 30 large and medium-sized city 5 franchised restaurants.

2011, on 2012, on the year of, hungry has received $1 million A round of financing in Jinsha River, latitude and longitude venture capital $3 million B round of financing, Sequoia Capital lead C round of financing.

recently, hungry to reach a strategic cooperation with the public comment network, access to the review network and other investors totaling $80 million stake. The two sides will cooperate in the future business channels, content resources, mobile client and other aspects.

takeaway just need

"we are hungry for the original and the final dream, but just want to eat the most effective channels to everyone at the table." Hungry founder, after 85 entrepreneurs Zhang Xuhao in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said that he believes that the biggest challenge now is how to take away just need to move to the internet.

in Zhang Xuhao seems, with the deepening of China’s Internet reform and colleagues for many years of hard work, online shopping and other Internet consumption habits are growing in magnitude. This is now the Internet takeaway industry into the necessary external conditions raging like a storm outbreak period.

pedestrian Advisory data released in 2013, Chinese catering industry O2O market rapid development in recent years, the overall size of 2014 is expected to be a breakthrough in 2015 will reach 91 billion 300 million, 120 billion; with the change of people’s lifestyle, pursuit of convenience and depth docking and the Internet will make online ordering become increasingly widespread popular online. Delivery will become an important force in the rise of the food O2O. The rapid spread of the mobile Internet, will further stimulate the extension of this trend.

market is indeed very large, but many entrepreneurs eyeing this market also. Online takeaway market early competition, although not warm but not quite cruel, a large number of players >

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