nterpretation of Hishop shop system supply agent distribution model

sourcing agent distribution as the name suggests that supply the advantage of businesses will supply available to those without the sources of advantage Taobao, owner pat on the platform and focus on local network shopping network via the retail shop. With the aggravation of the expansion of the business network and market competition, has become the effective way to supply agent distribution network operators to expand the business, the largest.Net e-commerce platform provider Hishop launched the first cargo agent distribution system, e-commerce service providers have also launched their own products, but also conform to the trend of taobao.com opened their own as the first distribution platform is put forward and the concept of supply distribution agent used in product Hishop, exactly what are the characteristics of his supply distribution system, what is unique to the


Hishop supply shop agent distribution model

Hishop source distribution is a distribution channel flat distribution model, simply, is through the supply site (also called Master) recruiting agents, open agent website for agents (sub station), agents will through the agency website development website member. The same master station can open a number of sub agents, each agent has its own right to do management sub station, the development of membership, as shown in Figure:



distribution channels, which supply business more easily on the distributor’s management, the traditional distribution model, the use of multi-level distribution channels, leading to supply providers for the management of distributors is very difficult, some policies can not be implemented very well, especially in the price to the price of anarchy, the channel will be flat after the supply business can direct management of the distributors, is conducive to the control of the market price of goods, but also due to the reduction of intermediate channel distributors, profits increased relatively, to recruit more similar middlemen, expand distribution channels.

Features of

Hishop system distribution function

a, flexible distribution

Hishop integrates the nowadays popular goods consignment in the system (1), shop wholesale, franchise channel three practical network distribution function module, supply dealers can use the corresponding distribution form according to the distributor, cut free in three modules, while the use of this change, greatly enriched the business model of supply business, according to different models, make different marketing rules, more conducive to the expansion of distribution channels.

two, proxy level set

providers can manage the functions of the main member in the background of the more operations, the registered members will be upgraded to the level of agents, and set the proxy validity period, as shown in Figure:


At the same time,

system also set up agents grade management functions, according to the network demand agents to set multiple levels, and separately for each level.

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