Luxury electricity supplier will usher in the collapse of the winter tide the biggest source of risk

in the past year, fast application of e-commerce can be described as in the luxury goods industry. The influx of capital from all walks of life, the emergence of luxury online sales platform to depict a prosperous scene. However, this winter, luxury e-commerce market is not peaceful.

just a few years ago, NetEase’s online shopping platform for luxury goods is still announced since January 1, 2012 zero off, which is less than a year from its opening time. Coincidentally, another luxury shopping website "Huha network" at the end of last year also encountered difficulties because of wages.

chill does not seem to stop with the arrival of the new year. Luxury website will usher in the collapse of the tide." Rhodes, senior vice president of public relations for the provision of consulting services for a number of luxury brands to accept the first financial daily interview pointed out.

The rapid development of

, the concept of capital prosperity under the guise of luxury shops began to appear. The source of goods, authenticity, sustainability, the bursting of the capital bubble, lack of professionals and management has become the future development of luxury e-commerce problems.

collapse tide trend?

open the major integrated luxury sales site, the international line of the brand is very attractive discount. Cheap luxury consumers are keen to buy a major cause of online shopping, but at the same time the authenticity of the supply has become a major concern for people online shopping luxury, which has also become a major risk of luxury website development.

network has its convenience and price advantage, but consumer confidence in their supply problems, especially now that many luxury site supplies and luxury brands and there is no direct contact, no brand licensing, their source is the existence of the problem." Gao pointed out.

international luxury brand official cooperation website exchange Sheshang vice president Angela Kapp told reporters: "now there are many counterfeit products and grey China luxury online market (i.e. not directly from brands or authorized retail products), usually these goods are on sale, do not have the proper selection and inventory with high quality service."

, such as Gao said, unless it is similar to Oteri J (Outlets) in the form of products sold over the quarter of the site, the general real brand licensed online luxury site is unlikely to have the opportunity to discount.

"in the long run, I don’t think the model based on Grey products is sustainable, and there will be a lot of luxury products in the future." Angela Kapp further description.

in Gaoming view, sustainable supply will lead to the emergence of luxury site closed down one after another, he learned that there are some luxury brands through legal means to the online shopping website communication problem of supply.

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