Zhang Jindong talk about C2C electricity supplier Taobao create value as Suning


Suning Zhang Jindong


technology news March 5th morning news, said Suning chairman Zhang Jindong yesterday on the proposal NPC and CPPCC media interview, C2C mode is this era of retail sales only backwards, scale and efficiency can be produced, not Taobao site claims to break up the whole into parts, trillion transactions, its value is far less than the tax and suning.

Zhang Jindong forget an account, Taobao has 7 million sellers, turnover 1 trillion and 200 billion, an average annual income of only ten. If the profit margin is 10%, then a C2C earn less than migrant workers."

"90% of the annual trading volume of e-commerce in China is engaged in the transaction of B2C in the form of C2C, a large number of transactions outside the existing legal regulation, there is a serious lack of supervision, the absence of law enforcement." Zhang Jindong said that China’s electricity supplier in the presence of C2C non registered business, non tax sales, counterfeit products flooded and other phenomena, unfair competition to the industry, the destruction of the normal market management system.

he proposed in the two sessions proposal, the tax department to study the way of e-commerce taxation, to strengthen the tax regulation of C2C. Industry and commerce departments to strengthen the quality of supervision, quality supervision departments involved in e-commerce quality supervision, supervision mechanism from the source of the industrial chain.

said questioned, Su ningyun on model Zhang Jindong said that some of the so-called "critic" did not understand the Su Ning said the author Su Ning without IT gene, the lack of logistics, all of these is to Su Ning misunderstanding. Suning is one of the earliest companies to use ERP management, and even published a monograph on information technology, the experience will be shared with peers. Suning is also one of the best domestic logistics enterprises, to build 60 logistics bases in 2015."

cloud business model is Suning online and offline time, the integration of the background system and practice, an important step. All we need is time. Critics suggested in the two or three quarter to see our report, then comment." Zhang Jindong said. (


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