use CC domain name a few reasons

".CC" was originally a national top-level domain, especially Cocos (Keeling) Islands Island, but now it has been widely used as a general domain. CC is a new global international top-level domain, with.COM,.NET and.ORG exactly the same nature, function and registration principles (for individuals and units).

is the earliest site of for free two level domain name, then according to their own name "Guo Jijun" English abbreviation to registered website traffic up until the time, free space has been unable to meet, want an international domain name when it was discovered that has no resources on the Internet for a long time finally,.Cc can also be registered, so there are now not use his name to name the site now, think for a long time to come up with the name "wide".

so, after the application domain name,.Cc became my first choice. I have a new website including (a super search)  (fast allusion net)…… many of my friends asked me why I was always fond of this.Cc, one is accustomed to it, in addition, there are the following reasons:

.CC is English " Commercial Company" (business) abbreviation, can also be understood as " Chinese Company" (China company), simple and easy to remember. Has become the world’s third largest.Com and.Net after the domain name.

is rich in.CC domain name, there are a large number of three digits and three letters. The domain name is only.Com and.Net such general Internet users in mind, the first thing I saw when.Cc will ask two, this will deepen the impression, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.


.Cn just comes out because of their high price when the price adjustment No one shows any interest in, down, many people have to switch to.Cn when previously registered significant or short note.Cn domain name value is climbing. And now because of the.Cc agent price is also 200 yuan, so also like the initial.Cn as few people registered, but I believe that as long as the price once down, there must be a lot of people with this domain name.

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