After the takeover of fast fashion brand AA will be laid off thousands of employees

quoted WWD news, the U.S. apparel brand American Apparel auction on Friday to complete all the procedures, will be a large layoffs. Then the brand spokesman immediately made a strong denial of this rumor, and refused to respond to the upcoming changes in personnel on Monday.


Monday’s layoffs will cut a total of thousands of employees, including factory staff, mid-level staff and executives.

on Friday, the security personnel have begun to Losangeles factory and headquarters of the patrol, according to an anonymous employee said Monday the layoffs will cut a total of thousands of employees, including factory staff, intermediate staff and senior managers. In addition, the company began to withdraw workers’ work visas from last week.

one of the staff said that every employee wants to get a fair treatment of the company, even if they have tried to fight for their own different results, but it does not play a specific role.

last November, American Apparel told the California Employment Development Department, company or will cut to the south gate is located in Losangeles, and Garden Grove, a total of 3500 employees, but the company said this is to reduce the uncertainty of the legal business initiatives. According to the staff revealed that the layoffs came out when the Department staff have been dismissed, but is expected to occur on Monday and will not be large-scale personnel unrest.

Canada clothing maker Gildan Activewear group (GIL.TO) in last week’s auction will auction the amount increased to $88 million, the success of the 2016 annual two time to apply for bankruptcy protection in the United States clothing brand American Apparel’s fold. In addition, the company is located in Garden Grove’s factory was sold to Broncs, and initially reached an agreement to retain all the positions of the plant’s 332 employees.

American company CEO Chelsea Grayson on Thursday, said in a letter to workers, Right Management, Los Angeles Economic Development Corp and government services will help workers find new jobs. Gildan Activewear group said in the handover phase, the Department hopes to leave the old staff to assist the business progress, but according to informed sources, the number of employees will remain less than 50.

, however, according to informed sources, based on the original purchase agreement Gildan Activewear group, American Apparel will have more jobs to be retained. In addition, the next 90 to 120 days, Gildan group will begin clearing the remaining stores American Apparel.

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