Taobao’s official announcement Taobao will be a total ban on external photo album

Taobao is the official announcement of the following content:

dear seller:

we recently found that the use of external domain name you store in the picture, there are third companies implanted code to obtain risk stores data, in order to ensure the safety of your data, enhance the user experience of buyers, we will help you to store the domain name in the picture in the external backup and moved to the picture space station shops and goods in. At the same time, in order to avoid the relocation process, the storage space is insufficient, for the external picture, we will be given 10 months of the corresponding free space (only for the seller of the market; Tmall sellers are free).

note: after July 15th, the domain name will not be able to edit the picture link external use.


1 what is the chain picture?

answer: the chain image is stored in the external image space in the picture, the picture of the address is not Taobao domain name address.

2 why do you want to have a picture of the external domain names are moved back to Taobao pictures space?


using an external domain name shop in the picture, there are third companies implanted code to obtain risk stores data, in order to protect the seller’s data security, enhance the user experience to help buyers, these sellers store stored in the external domain in picture copies and relocated to the space station.

3 to move to the picture space for me what good?

answer: image space as an official tool to provide a stable picture storage, fast picture display, professional image management, reduce the risk of breaking the map, for buyers to bring better user experience. And move back pictures up capacity to provide free use of 10 months, renewals also higher than the external space price.

4 after the image of the external domain can be used in the shop Mody?

no, in July 15th after the baby details page and stores can use external domain name URL address

5 when you can not use the baby to edit the chain picture, what method can quickly move back?

A: you can choose to use shuaishouzhanggui commodities in the "picture house" function will be moved back to the external image. A button to move thousands of goods on the thousands of pictures.

6 how to quickly return the data package


answer: you need to upload the import of data packets, the external links to replace the picture space image address or click to confirm the announcement after Taobao will help you to move back to the external image

7 I am a product distributor, usually I will be their own domain name in the picture into a data packet to send, in the future, I can use my normal distributor


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