Wanda start roadshow raising 4 billion 400 million into the listing platform electricity supplier

introduction: Wanda Commercial business into the listed platform to the capital market will bring greater imagination, 11 investors including the Kuwait Investment Authority, has pledged to buy about $2 billion.

December 8th, Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Wanda Commercial) launched a roadshow in Hongkong.

According to the

on the night before the update of the prospectus, in order to stake Teng million intends to set up e-commerce joint venture, Wanda Commercial and Wang Jianlin owned WandaIn-vestmentHoldingCo.Limited founded WandaInformationTechnologyCo.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as WandaInformation), used to hold Dalian Wanda Group and its affiliates (including Wanda Commercial included) for the electronic business enterprise intends to set up a 70% stake.

this also means that the future of Wanda business will bear part of the electricity supplier O2O business investment. Yesterday, close to the Wanda Group sources told the "daily economic news" reporter said, Wanda Commercial business into the listed platform to the capital market will bring greater imagination, including the Kuwait Investment Authority yesterday, 11 investors have pledged to buy about $2 billion.

the "daily economic news" reporter from the updated version of Wanda Commercial disclosed in the prospectus to see WandaInformation for the Limited by Share Ltd, January 16, 2014 incorporated in British Virgin Islands, at present, Wanda Commercial Real Estate (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. and WandaIn-vestmentHoldingCo.Limited respectively holds 50% of its equity.

in August this year, the controlling shareholder of Dalian Wanda Wanda Commercial Tencent, Baidu group in cross-border cooperation, Teng million intends to set up e-commerce enterprises to establish a joint venture, to the network from the Internet, the electronic commerce business model O2O, is expected to achieve a number of major online business and service integration of Tencent, Baidu and its associated companies the Dalian Wanda Group and its associated company is engaged in the network of business and services, and cooperation based on big data.

according to the cooperation agreement at the time, Dalian Wanda Group, Tencent and Baidu will own or through other affiliates, were holding intends to set up e-commerce joint venture 70%, 15% and 15% stake, plans a total investment of 5 billion yuan, of which 1 billion yuan as equity funds by parties holding injection, Dalian Wanda group, Tencent and Baidu itself or through their respective affiliates additional investment of 4 billion yuan, in the electronic commerce of the establishment of the joint venture after injection of 3 years, and the proportions of the subsequent financing will be further consultations by the parties.

will be included in the listing platform Wanda O2O business, for the capital market, it is to increase the imagination of the space, can improve the confidence of investors for Wanda Business >

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