U S group holding love bee O2O community electricity supplier has become a giant game

experienced layoffs after the storm, O2O community electricity supplier love bee announced today that the United States mission to comment on a new round of financing. The two sides did not disclose the financing of finance, valuation, transfer of shares, but said it would explore more possibilities in the community O2O and instant delivery services.


tiger sniffing however learned from a number of sources, after the financing, the U.S. group holding love fresh bees, honey bees in the internal staff seems to be equivalent to the financing of the acquisition". This is not the first time the U.S. capital injection of fresh honey bee, as early as last year’s C round of financing, the U.S. group to 20 million yuan vote. After the launch of the D round of financing, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and several groups of fresh bee negotiations, but because the valuation, the amount of financing has not yet reached a consensus on the results.

at the moment and took over the love of fresh bees, the United States mission must have talked about a good price. In the last round of financing, according to the report of the hundred million European network of love bee valuation has reached $300 million.

with the U.S. mission to enter the community O2O has actually become a giant game. On the one hand, such as start-up companies such as community 001 collapse, fresh electricity providers such as orchard every day to cancel the O2O distribution business, on the other hand, such as Jingdong home and dada merge, and multi secret relations Wumart Alibaba 267 million yuan investment, the purchase of lightning.

year twists and turns, love the bees out of winter

, like all O2O startups, is a year of twists and turns in the year of the year.


round of financing in September 2015 to complete the C round of financing, by Hillhouse capital, it venture capital, capital day figure, Sequoia Capital and other investment institutions and investment, has been a year of time. March this year, the founder of the love of fresh bee Zhang win in an interview with the media, said the love of honey bees in preparation for the D round of financing, the use of funds will be marketing and supply chain, logistics two parts.

, however, due to the differences in valuation and financing amount, although the love bee before the Spring Festival launched the D round of financing, but has not been able to complete.

A variety of factors in the capital of

cooling, such as changes in the market environment under the action of love from the beginning of May Xianfeng mass layoffs for the winter, will be about 1100 people nationwide scale reduced to about 700 people, involving market, operation, customer service, logistics and product department. Along with Liu Shuang, Tang Xizhen and COO VP, the family convenience from purchasing raw commodity director to love fresh bee in CMO Gu star, HRVP Xi Gang and other executives leave.

U.S. mission in love when the need to enter the most fresh bee, presumably talked about a cost-effective price.

tiger sniffing from sources close to love fresh bee Department learned that after this round of financing, the U.S. group actually became the controlling shareholder of fresh bee love, love fresh bee founding team to sell shares in a larger proportion is likely to lose control of the company. There is love fresh bee staff confirmed this statement: in fact, you can understand the acquisition".

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