Buy site advertising lack of integrity supervision need to introduce industry credit rating system

buy site advertising refers to the use of digital technology in the group buying site and the Internet for the media release, dissemination of commercial advertising. It is characterized by interactivity, real-time, no time limit, a large range of communication, the number of audience can be accurate statistics, targeted, etc..

at present, although the group purchase website advertising but also a superb collection of beautiful things, dragons and fishes jumbled together, unable to identify the authenticity of consumers, increase the number of traps and potential consumer rights problems to consumers. Is responsible for advertising supervision and management of the business sector, should strengthen the comprehensive supervision of group purchase website advertising, consumer protection, the legitimate interests of the operators, the group purchase website advertising gradually embarked on a standardized and institutionalized.

The main problems of

group website advertising

one is the lack of good faith, exaggerated facts, misleading deception.

some group purchase websites in order to benefit, regardless of the interests of consumers, as long as the vendor to provide funds, do not check the authenticity and quality of goods, advertising does not fulfill the audit procedures, resulting in netful flying group purchase advertising "exaggerated and inaccurate".

two is a weak legal awareness, illegal content, strong concealment.

cannot release conventional media advertising in the group purchase website meet the eye everywhere, such as tobacco advertising, advertising and other activities. Many of the ads on the site of the wanton violation of the consumer’s right to choose, often in the form of a small window pop-up propaganda, forced to read, both a waste of consumer time, but also offensive.

three is the unspoken rule is rampant, impossible to guard against consumers.

The moment a lot of group purchase website product

ads is very low discount and as if it were raining flowers. The original price of 1088 yuan beauty premium package price 57 yuan, it looks like the product discount of less than 90 percent off, but in fact the selling price and the real market price gap is not large, but the original products were deliberately raised.

four is the lack of integrity of the third party, advertising evaluation and monitoring mechanism is not perfect, regulatory access is not in place.

October 2010, a company called China International Electronic Commerce Center of the domestic group buying site for the first batch of credit certification in the industry caused widespread concern. But the agency charges high fees in the certification and certification of regulatory agencies in the process of authentication is not to the credit scale, group purchase website as the standard, but to make the certification fee threshold, how convincing? This is a direct result of the group purchase website now false advertising.

to strengthen the management measures to buy site advertising

first, the establishment of group buying site advertising regulatory platform, and effectively strengthen the online advertising management, the introduction of industry credit rating system.

The establishment of

group purchase website advertising supervision platform, effective supervision of group purchase advertising content, industry and commerce authorities may require the group purchase website advertising operators will be completed and sent to the group purchase after a review of the advertising supervision platform, accept supervision and management, in order to "

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