EMS speed up the price of private challenge while facing the challenge cake facing heavy points

and EMS challenge of private express speed price of private express delivery companies market share continues to grow, as the "national team" EMS spare no effort to catch up now. Coerced "Post Express" IPO will be made in the East, the domestic express over 30% share of the EMS at the end of the season comes, a series of actions have been shot for.

yesterday (November 7th), EMS is responsible for the media to contact the relevant person to the daily economic news reporter confirmed that EMS in 56 cities nationwide comprehensive speed, promised today, tomorrow, to. Previously, in some provinces, it also reported the news of lower freight.

from the price to accelerate with strong capital and channel resources of the "national team" strong counterattack, enter with FedEx and UPS Ocean Express, let the private express originally dominant industry to feel the hitherto unknown pressure, China the rapid development of express industry cake is divided again.

EMS multi seek breakthrough

"from the beginning of September to the end of this year, EMS will launch the 3 month campaign, the sources said, the first step in the battle at the same time, we selected 56 key city as steadily improving, the focus is to protect the stability of service 100%.

in Chengdu EMS brand shop, "Chengdu to the scope of the main city of the country’s 55 major city to achieve next day delivery" rolling in the LED display on the top of the broadcast.

it is understood that the next morning up in the EMS business has begun a lot of time.

disclosed its official website, the State Post Bureau on October 9, 2004, in the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai rim region, the 13 city of Beijing in the Pearl River Delta, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other inter operated "EMS Express – the next morning was business, and in November 9th of that year a formal commitment to society" not time limited, refund".

a year later, EMS cross region, the morning of the morning to expand the scope of business, the new Shenyang, Dalian, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Jiangmen, Haikou, Chengdu, inter regional morning business.

so far, EMS has been opened in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Bohai rim region, the northeast region and the southwest region of the 5 regions, 97 City area within the next morning and cross regional business, the next morning the 25 city of business.

Although the idea is good, but 8 years ago, the beginning of the

morning business actually did not expect optimism. These people have said in an interview: "the quality is always to improve gradually."

not only that, EMS also began to have been criticized by the user on the price of the article. Earlier media said EMS has quietly begun to cut prices in some cities.

EMS official did not disclose the relevant price announcement. Daily economic news reporter called EMS in Beijing, >

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