Big clothes have opened online flagship store in the traditional market impact

yesterday, the international famous brand of JACK&JONES casual jeans and a well-known shopping sites to form a strategic partnership, opened its China only online flagship store, ONLY, VEROMODA, ED and many other well-known brands will also be online". In the traditional garment industry is facing a decline in retail sales growth, production costs and the impact of the impact of net goods, brand marketing has become the transformation of the traditional model of the store will be transformed by the road.


survey shows that online retail clothing has been selling goods, nearly 60% of consumers online shopping once in 2008 in the online purchase of clothing, the average expenditure of Chinese 2008 annual online shopping consumers buy online clothing reached more than 1000 yuan.

previously, a famous Japanese fashion brand shop in the shopping site, the top 11 turnover days and the passenger flow is equivalent to all the store in China line and. The official website of the Lining shopping mall has become the sales champion of all stores in the country’s Lining.

well-known shopping site data show that JACK&JONES’s products this year in the site’s semi annual turnover reached 370 million yuan, ranking first in all clothing brands. Such a large volume of transactions, in order to attract the line crazy shop famous bestseller fashion e-commerce websites open the door.

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