China domain name officially Global

January 14th, a reporter from the China Shenyang branch was informed that the "Chinese." on the first month formally written into the global root domain name system, no matter where, as long as the input ". China" domain name can log on its own website.

on the root domain name this term, many Internet users do not understand. China Shenyang branch operations director Ms. Xie introduced, such as Internet users login, generally need to enter "***.com" or "***.cn". If you enter the Chinese address directly on the address bar, you only get the wrong link, because the Internet does not support non Latin text input. "China." into the global root domain name system, Internet users to enter "* * *. China whenever such Chinese domain can access.

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                                                        domain name speculators not optimistic China. "The domain name CNNIC

called for more publicity

                                                        "China." domain name can be open next year the application of

                                                        protection of rights and interests from the "Chinese." domain name start


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