Electricity supplier double eleven promotion close to Jingdong Tmall dispute

has a successful experience of the previous two years, double eleven has become the end of the electricity supplier promotional landmark node. At the same time, the war between the electricity supplier war intensified. Previously, Jingdong mall, said some of its brands on the market from Taobao Tmall aspects of coercion".

yesterday, Alibaba responded by saying that there will never be forced to choose one of the two businesses, and Tmall has developed a strict system to prohibit businesses before the event price, this is our bottom line".

Tmall: respect merchants choose

, according to media reports, Tmall requires some businesses may not participate in the Jingdong’s promotional activities, and pointed out that those who participate in the promotional activities of Jingdong merchants will be canceled Tmall promotion qualification, even be deducted million deposit risk.

this, Tmall vice president Wang Yulei strongly denied. He said: ‘this year’ double ‘eleven sales did not set any target sales, the outside speculation is not reliable."


, according to Tmall technical director Liu Zhenfei said the information shows that the whole system can deal with the last three times the volume of transactions, so Ali believes that the activities of this year sales of more than 3 billion 360 million yuan no suspense. This also means that when Taobao and Tmall entire website structure, trading system, membership system, payment system and logistics will face exams.

Before the

business promotion war, before the promotion price rise in the business secret, then discount "flower head" by netizens questioned.

said Wang Yulei on how to prevent the "dark" of the problem, to declare to participate in the carnival business will have the service capacity, activities of commodity prices, delivery time and other audit standards, "found that this behavior will be removed from the list of reporting".

as punishment for these illegal businesses, Wang Yulei did not disclose.

logistics Jingdong


recently, there is news that the whole network through the rejection of merchants sent to the Jingdong sorting center orders, Jingdong mall also confirmed. It is understood that consumers go to the mall goods from the Jingdong is the Jingdong mall own logistics, and from business to Jingdong mall is required by the courier company, this link Shentong stopped delivery is the business to the Jingdong.

industry insiders believe that, unlike the Jingdong’s own logistics, Tmall express company is a partnership, the orders issued by the Jingdong is the bulk of this part of the business are held in the hands of the Jingdong, but also express the company to stop cooperation.

Even if the

pass stop is worthless business, the impact on the site is not large. But Tmall’s determination to prepare ahead of time also makes other sites have to face the challenge.

e-commerce analyst Lu Zhenwang in an interview with the daily economic news reporter, said the promotion may be more realistic than ever, some brands need to digest the stock under the line, and rely on

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