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July 29th, WeChat announced the third party platform micro micro shop officially launched. MSI Pu is WeChat store third party solutions based on core can meet the needs of mobile electricity supplier operations.

industry generally believe that, with the on-line MSI Pu, personalized mobile era.


shop released in May this year, mainly to provide the basis for the business of goods shelves, businesses opened WeChat payment can directly use WeChat shop to sell goods, is another base WeChat public platform release.

micro founder Sun Taoyong pointed out: "WeChat store cannot satisfy all the needs of businesses in the mobile business operation. For example, in the customer relationship management, marketing, operations, O2O implementation and other aspects, in addition to the WeChat store threshold is relatively high, and the need to apply for WeChat to pay 20 thousand deposit, and the micro shop can provide more solutions than WeChat store multiple, but the threshold will be low."

According to

reports, with millions of the level of SKU library MSI Pu can solve the most annoying problem of merchant goods shelves. In addition, the merchant in the background by drag and drop simple operation, you can generate hundreds of personalized shop style.

In addition to customer relationship management based on the

, micro Pu is also equipped with a variety of interactive games, to create a good user experience to retain users. This will help to enhance the user’s stickiness, improve repeat purchase rate.

in view of the social attributes of WeChat’s public platform, the repeat purchase rate will become the main assessment indicators mobile providers.

It is reported that

, in addition to micro shop on-line, MSI recently also received 30 million yuan A round of financing from CPT capital.


was founded in April 2013, after 1 years of development, has more than 700 agencies in the world, the user scale up to more than 40. (end)

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