Seven steps to teach you to seize the commanding heights of autumn and winter to win the market

August is very awkward for Taobao’s shop, because the summer has entered a recession, but the weather is still in high temperature does not drop the situation, this time to sell the autumn and winter is obviously very difficult, after all, the psychological needs of buyers is sold only when the season clothes, when the weather is not cold is not to buy wool coat, down jacket of desire. Relatively speaking, the profit is lower than the summer autumn and winter, many businesses have been able to make money, is to seize the autumn and winter season demand, seize the opportunity to do. However, in this embarrassing month, how should we do to seize the commanding heights?

follow the practice last year, we shop at the end of July began on the first wave of autumn, the main push of a windbreaker with Ariel Lin took 90 percent off loss promotion way, 39 yuan explosion windbreaker, through the baby details page to highlight the more cold weather, the more expensive the promotional slogan, let buyers the order earlier, grab is earned. Because at this time if the buyer to buy clothes back, or a little early, so we still do this in the pre-sale point. Pre-sale period is about 20-25 days. Especially in the North buyers to see 20 days before shipment, receipt of goods is also almost the end of August, when the temperature has dropped to ten degrees, almost just put on clothes.

on the other hand, we are relatively large in the train promotion efforts, choose the coat, autumn new hot words, has the sense of a word. This time to take the average price of 1 yuan to promote the way, the average daily consumption of about $300. Although this phase of promotion is sure to be at a loss, but in order to get a better position later, this is very necessary. This coat was bid keywords in 6 yuan, as far as possible to maintain the position of the 5 in the home before.

because the quality of only 5 points, so it is more money. When there is a shop selling wool coat, always told us to grab the gold car, so the boss gave me the task is 8 yuan in the bid, we must hold this position. This spell for a week or so, then this coat a day can also sell 50 pieces.

to the end of August, our coat increased from 90 percent off to 69 yuan to sell, because in many places this time the North has begun to enter the autumn, can be sold around 100 pieces a day. But the most important thing is that there is a problem with the fabric, there are a lot of stains, these problems will be cut off, the loss rate is about 20%. Although repeatedly communicate with suppliers, but no progress, only to find suppliers. During this period, it took more than 1 weeks. The baby’s evaluation are also some problems, although the train position is very good, price is not high, but after this setback, this coat has lagged behind rivals, although developed several models in the same color, but lost the best position has been very difficult to get back to.

in general, at that time

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