Preferential menacing relay Double 11 let me contract your circle of friends

Ladies and folks, let everyone highly anticipated CMS eleven double suction powder hot pig — Application of preferential relay, fresh out of


double horn sounded, Jianghu major sects already started fighting Lazi cloth chess battle. How fast this campaign to draw fans to set up their own marketing empire? Pig CMS relay at discount. (

, of course, the application of Wuli relay is not limited to double 11 ~ ~)


this application comes with the dissemination of attributes, plus suction aura, fighting, even small series are afraid! Do not believe you see:

offers no fortification I have a special suction powder technique


pig CMS preferential relay, is the business of suction powder and enhance fan activity for musical instruments. Especially in the form of spike traditional coupons, it’s not a bit of a wonderful thing.

first, the discount amount open, already let the fans screaming himself headlong into the activities. Preferential relay, An able man is always busy. This discount in the end how much can be grabbed by the hands of a pair of fans. Remember four words: shoukuai, many people.


secondly, the game is exciting to stimulate the enthusiasm of the fans to be ignited. Within the specified time to count the number of red envelopes, you can get more concessions. Boiling blood, the heart beat, and the hands can not control. This activity is poisonous. I can’t stop it.

friendship relay circle of friends tonight I contracted


pig CMS preferential relay, grab a discount, the fight is the relay. Fans can not only grab their own, but also to invite their friends to relay. Someone you believe I don’t believe it?? well, I see how you rolling global support group.

The more friends invited by

, the greater the cumulative preference for fans, which is undoubtedly open the door to the spread of fans. Fans to share the heat and forward to the world, so that the activities of businesses and brands in the circle of friends to get explosive spread.

simple operation details set rational


businesses in the background of the activities of the details of the independent settings. Such as playing time, playing time. Coupon settings, businesses can choose to display in the form of the amount, you can also choose to show in a discount. At the same time, the amount of the amount of each play is also controlled by the merchant to control the cost of activities.

in addition, businesses can also set the grade of coupons, such as full 100 to 50, full of 200 to 100. Coupons will be based on the level of the cumulative fans >

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