The suning com network marketing success

Suning’s online mall officially launched operations in early 2010, with the Suning Appliance has long accumulated rich experience in retail and logistics services, procurement, customer service and other advantages, combined with the brand and its strong financial strength, coupled with the concise and better user experience and website platform accurate network marketing strategy, has achieved a lot in a short period of time, the electronic commerce network marketing industry has become another successful model. The following is the marketing case of online store, it is talking about rapid growth and success, purely personal opinion, to welcome you to the e-commerce industry marketing elite guidance and message, can also add my QQ exchange QQ number 1492761809

Background and advantages of


1, Suning Appliance strong brand support. It is said that the value of the brand of "Su Ning" is 45 billion 500 million (


entity network gives network far more than their counterparts in the brand reputation and trust, relying on the most precious resources, will become the most professional online shopping appliance expert China.

2, Suning Appliance strong financial support.

this is a lot to do e-commerce companies to catch up, Suning Appliance national traditional market thousands of stores and hundreds of billions of years of sales, to enable to dominate the market in electronic commerce 3C


3, purchasing advantage, price advantage.

relies on hundreds of billions of procurement platform, Suning and major domestic and foreign manufacturers to establish a direct relationship with the support of a strong supply chain, which has the absolute price advantage in the same type of home appliances online shopping channels, at the same time, the quality of the product quality has been strictly guarantee < /p>

4, logistics and distribution, after-sales service and other service advantages

in logistics, Suning has inherent advantages, the store can provide real experience or delivery, can also participate in the distribution, store, customers can bring more trust and recognition; at the same time, Suning store layout in the country, means that it is accord with the national layout logistics system and warehouse; and Jingdong, Amazon of this type of B2C mall mall to the service good, need to remove the heavily in the construction of logistics center, this type of completely relying on the network mall is not like Suning so many logistics center construction and service network, in contrast they need money and face the risk is much bigger than

5, with the industry leading partner IBM and other enterprises to achieve strategic cooperation, provide technical support.

Jingdong, Amazon veteran B2C website after several years of development, the website system is relatively mature, by IBM to provide technical support, I believe it will not be inferior.

everything has two sides, the online mall price competition also makes Suning into the right-hand man and Bo.

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