Dangdang compensation for breach of contract is not recognized today welcomed the third trial

in extensive network Beijing on November 28th news (reporter Wei Xue) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that in August 9th this year, Dangdang dangdang.com tour book gift 72 hours of panic buying "children’s book promotion activities to cancel the order to delivery, resulting in more than one thousand consumer collective real name rights, after the two trial, today (28 days 6) consumer rights to participate in the first batch of cases will usher in third trial, thousands of activists storm can eventually settled? Online shopping, who should pay for the lack of sincerity


Qian Xue: originally he was a children’s book promotion, promotional activities during the summer vacation, I hope to have a result as soon as possible, and now the time is too long.

said this afternoon will begin the third trial, money snow bluntly, Dangdang disputes between consumers and hope can do this as soon as possible.

in August 9th this year, the shopping website dangdang.com launched a "parent-child Book panic buying" activities, but the provisions of the time from the early morning of the next day but in online shopping has become ", unable to complete orders". Participate in the activities of the first choice of the right to spend money, she said, the reason is very simple, even online shopping, businesses should also be honest

money: snow consumers hard under the orders cannot say not not forget, is a matter of integrity.

subsequently, more than one thousand consumers to join the ranks of rights. The head of the lawyers, Beijing Hanwei lawyer Wang Peng introduced, because it involves a large number of consumers, lawyers according to the order received consumer materials, in batches to the courts. Currently, there are 6 consumers into the proceedings, the case has gone through the two trial.

Wang Peng: the first trial to judge presided over the mediation, the two sides disagreement is relatively large, there is no mediation success in November 7th and opened a court, mainly on the basic facts as an understanding, both in court to submit some new evidence, because some things there is no way to verify the court, after the court to verify the evidence, then the third trial to do next.

Wang Peng said that at present there are 53 consumers have filed a complaint, waiting for the Dongcheng District city court filing notice. Regardless of whether or not filing, the choice of consumer rights, their claims are roughly the same.

Wang Peng: that is, according to the contract delivery, and then there are some damages ah, bear the cost of litigation ah.

reporter yesterday called dangdang.com PR Manager Ye Xiaozhou Ye Xiaozhou on Sunday asked the progress of the case, relevant information cannot be queried on the grounds declined an interview with reporters, dangdang.com senior public relations director Guo crane also said that before the hearing of the foreign results without any response, because before the compensation has been publicized, however, had determined the dangdang.com to each consumer compensation 30 yuan coupons approach has not been recognized by consumers.

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