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this is a media practitioner entrepreneurial story in the media industry. Zuo Zhijian graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2001, in the twenty-first Century economic report from trainee reporter to do the first section of the news director, is the industry’s famous investigative reporter, CITIC Publishing House signed a writer. November 2012, officially quit the business, is now the founder of thumb reading, and just get the latitude and longitude of China’s tens of millions of angel investment. Look at how he came over the year:

Bianews pushed the application of the last CEO Luo Chuan’s article, talking about entrepreneurial psychology. I was most impressed by the beginning, he said, there is a period of time, especially depression, family difficulties, the company’s challenges, like the mountains. How can can’t sleep at night, staring into the morning, taking only a finger distance distance."

I’m very familiar with

. But before the start, and not always so serious. Specifically it is to be an independent media in Chinese, independent intellectuals, is very depressed (here abridged 1000 words). Work is also very hard. So when I start, psychological experience, work intensity, are no longer a challenge.

and I’m not a grass root of entrepreneurship. The media business has a good friend, is also more, most generous. The real challenge is: I entered a new field, want to do a high degree of innovation of the product, and I as a novice, only have a full grasp of the content, other things to learn too much.

now look back, I’m a real man. This year, the study includes: Product Manager, UI design, business development, public relations, editing, planning, branding, advertising, financing…… And I used to do ten years, in fact, only one thing is done.

first product. Said the start-up company, the founder is product manager. I have studied a wide range of well-known unknown reading, social software. But when you really do it, you know only one direction. So we started, the internal communication efficiency is not high, but also lost a good engineer. Fortunately, we now have a professional PM.

say UI design. This is a link that I pay more attention to, because the reading of these people is very heavy. The development team has been working hard for a year, and when the function is ready for the line, I say UI can’t do it. Finally, in the case of a very tight budget, or spend money to the domestic top designers to do it again. Recently the product has won many awards. But at that time, I was 0 in the morning every day to the point of 4, with the design team in communication UI program, engaged in more than a month. The results of the UI came out, colleagues do not buy it, I also took a table, saying it was too radical. So I made some fine-tuning.

business development. We need to talk to a large number of publishers about copyright

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