08 Olympic Games near the Olympic domain name business opportunities

the world’s attention to the 08 years of the Beijing Olympic Games is getting closer and closer to us. In the National People’s expectations, the businessmen also actively carry out Olympic marketing, ready in 08 years a go. The popularity of the Internet in the host, is becoming more and more important in network era, the Olympic marketing into business has become a hotly contested spot. The Olympic Games are so high a domain name, worth a lot of money.

called " domain name " can be simply understood as we commonly known as the "web site", and the registration of a domain name is very simple. Visit the website of the relevant institutions, enter the domain name you want to register, if it has not been registered, as long as you pay the cost of a few hundred dollars, the domain name registered successfully.


site is like in real life is as important as the number. Each site has at least one or more domain name and domain name. Really have so much benefit, the Olympic domain really will bring tremendous business value for the enterprise? Experts believe that the Olympic Games domain name easy to remember good, and with the Olympic Games the approaching can bring considerable traffic to your site. The domain name industry experts Mr. Cai also said that the domain name investment trading is very active in recent years, the value of the domain name prices continue to rise in the United States, the domain name is the collateral assets, the Olympic related domain is the most active kind of deals this year.

in Taobao " input; Olympic domain name " related sales information up to more than and 100. These are the most expensive domain names sold, and contains " Olympic Games " " 2008" words, the price is as high as $10000. Reporters saw a Mr. Lee will www.2008news.com.cn, 20080808.net.cn, 2008080808.net, 2008 Beijing.Net and other related domain names under the full note. Reporters then contacted Mr. Li, conducted an interview.

reporter: why do you want to register these Olympic domain names?

Mr. Li: the Olympic Games held in our country this is an important historical event, I also believe that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be the most successful in the history of the Olympic Games. So the registration of these Olympic Games domain. Some of them are to buy the.

reporter: do you want to register these domain names for economic gain?

Mr. Li: not exactly, the original registration of the Olympic domain name is to commemorate the Olympic Games held in our country this important moment. Now, I think these Olympic domain name can bring great benefits to the enterprise, but also ready to sell or do their own stand.

reporter: how much do you want to sell these Olympic domain names?


: I did not consider the specific price, the industry also gave me an assessment, they believe that these domain names are relatively good, the price will not be less than 5 digits

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