With a double eleven no crisis Taobao development is still difficult

two hours sales of more than 1 billion, 13 hours a day and eleven double sales sales last year, it is today eleven double pomp, the record has been broken brush, buyers of the awesome performance also let Ali stock homeopathic straight, a good. It can be said that Ali eleven is a distinctive representative of the results of these years, the consumption of hot spots and business resources corresponding to the use of a strong appeal and platform to gradually create a shopping spree brand. Ali in 11.11 that day can be said to be out of the limelight.

but I want to say is that Ali limelight out can sleep without any anxiety, continue to triumph Chinese obviously not, double electricity? Eleven is Ali’s trump card, but this is just a shopping festival, the short term can not show the derivative effect more, but in the competition, although in the double eleven day into Ali foil, but in other areas, Ali has failed to complete the absolute transcendence. If these problems can not be resolved, even if it can not save more than eleven double ali. So what are these problems?

double eleven brand value trend needs to be corrected

has been Ali will as a double eleven shopping Carnival to do, in fact it is no ground for blame as consumers for the electricity supplier, in-depth understanding of the concept of online shopping has become a daily consumption behavior, fully tap on this part of the resources should be low. Ali saw this did do, after all, in November this year at the juncture, to engage in a promotion will indeed be a lot of effort. We can see that this strategy is correct in the past eleven times. But the means can not always use, has been used to appear fresh enough, not strong creativity. Careful observation of the consumers will find the double eleven although very hot, but the number of participating in promotional products are significantly reduced, but more critical is that we are no longer half price but in the form of coupons given certain profits, that is to say now businesses become more rational. Why? Because businesses understand double eleven is a platform scale product, shoppers will choose shopping on this day, mainly because the double eleven brand appeal, as if their participation is a foil means no holiday, after all the past, how to sell their products or how to sell, remember your brand the consumer is limited, we have been the "low price" shelter "eyes. Therefore, from a certain angle, double eleven to the present, in pleasing to consumers after the seller should pay more attention to the general feeling, what they need, eleven pairs of double what they mean? If Ali just double eleven made brands feast, grassroots sellers is the foil, so double eleven brand value will be greatly reduced, at that time, it is the shopping season, rather than the vip.com version, giving businesses more branding support is the next stage to do something.

Taobao platform to reduce the living space, reducing the attractiveness of

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