Cross border electricity supplier policy environment sudden changes in the tax reform boots landing

In recent years

has enjoyed national dividend policy of cross-border electricity market rumored a sudden change in the situation, the cross-border electricity tax reform boots landing. The Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation has jointly issued the "notice" on cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy, next month 8, cross-border electricity supplier will bid farewell to "free time", "the use of cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive tax" to replace the parcel tax, the overall price of cross-border electricity prices rise basically a foregone conclusion.



industry analysts said the move will enhance the cost of cross-border electricity supplier products. And there are smart consumers that will grab the stockpile before the implementation of the tax reform.

next month from 8 onwards, cross-border electricity supplier will bid farewell to the era of tax exemption, the use of cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive tax to replace the post tax, cross-border electricity supplier commodity prices as a whole is basically a foregone conclusion.

according to the new deal, cross-border electricity supplier retail imports of goods a single transaction limit of 2000 yuan, the annual limit for the individual transactions of RMB 20000 yuan. Within the limit, the tariff rate shall be set at 0%; the import VAT and the consumption tax shall be exempted from tax, and the tax payable shall be levied at the rate of 70% of the statutory tax payable. More than a single limit value, accumulated more than a single individual annual trading limit, as well as the single tax price of more than 2000 yuan limit of indivisible goods, in accordance with general trade tax in full.

According to the current standard of

, less than 1000 yuan of cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods levied parcel tax, according to the import of goods type, respectively, 20%, 30%, 10% levy 50% parcel tax, most goods parcel tax in 10%, and the amount of not more than 50 yuan, shall be exempted from customs related tax. Although the limit of 1000 yuan per person, but there is no limit on the number of consumption pens.

modern department of cross-border electricity supplier responsible person Huang Yihua believes that the new tax standard is still a certain range of preferential than traditional trade import mode. The overall price of cross-border imports of goods is basically a foregone conclusion.

smart consumers Miss Park told reporters that plans to use the weekend to buy buy buy, enjoy the last sitting at home to buy duty-free goods welfare.

phenomenon: start big promotional price hit half off

April 8th tax end, come in Australia five fold fish oil stockpile!! "yesterday, there have been cross-border electricity supplier in action, timely clearance. In addition, there is a platform to play 100 yuan free of charge to buy any of the two, free tax package, the slogan, the main focus of the promotion of the front of the post tax less than $50 of goods.

reporters on the cross-border electricity supplier website found, in addition to the half off low price sale, customer service staff also actively help customers how to avoid the 50 yuan parcel tax. "You are now picking up $300 for a $two mask and a $200 bottle of shampoo

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