Grass more webmaster do not know sold over a million of the 3 sites

contact the author for a period of time, since you want to know the network began, like in the major network consulting sites and webmasters often use the website to obtain advice. (Ai Rui, the home of the webmaster, A5, transit speed, etc.) but there are few articles to write these sites, today I would like to share my views on several sites and understanding.

this is the three site of Hangzhou science and technology, Jiangxi Pacific direct purchase network and the first step in Chongqing science and technology, followed by analysis of their profit model and marketing model. Before I also saw some of the Internet experts and institutions to discuss them, I took a screenshot to share with you.

simple to say about their marketing model, which is the direct purchase of the Pacific Network and the United States is mainly based on the main distribution agents, agents are divided into a number of sub level, there are provincial, municipal, District, county. The proxy erry at least hundreds of thousands, or even tens of millions have (some agents are doing the traditional industry, and even the original work was abandoned, thought to catch the express train of e-commerce, this is not the case, I met several agents erry, I asked them. It is not very ideal. And most of them have no basic knowledge of the network. And then go to the development of the business by the agents, to businesses that do their cards customers can go to other businesses do their local consumption will have a certain discount card, and returned to the merchant said that the wool in the cattle. It is the biggest joke in the world, did not say the wool in dogs, ha ha. It seems that your company’s current profit is to recruit agents.


is the Pacific direct purchase network, relatively different union agency fees is not so high, the cheapest agent is seven thousand or eight thousand, more than 10000, agent to give you an online mall, also said above is a luxury. As far as I know have to buy a friend said to me like a little taste of direct selling, as CCTV has reported. Then let the agents to find the user registration, as long as you said is called after the consumption and you have a relationship, integral and rebate. There is also a phone call on the home page and other functions. (it is said that the use of ID card registration, I do not know the last password leak accident did not)

The next step is the first step of Chongqing

technology company, the company’s marketing mode or solicitation boss listen to them that will then buy their membership card (like 2 dimensional code, then the patent technology) to allow businesses to sell to consumers, businesses can give the customer database (in fact, their own businesses have their own database and VIP data they do not know, the card will play what role), they also said the company recently listed in the marketing time, as long as the purchase of their cards more than 300 thousand customers to give them some options, some business card to buy some buying options (your card is out of a one dollar, at present, up to 3 yuan, said a year a price rise). I want to help their own businesses, only they know. The author also came into contact with some of his friends who bought them. One was to buy 20 thousand tickets and the other one was to buy the 100 thousand one

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