YAHOO Japan since June began to support Alipay


technology news Beijing time on April 9th morning news, YAHOO Japan plans to begin from June by Alipay, as the YAHOO shopping site payment options.

Chinese consumers to buy goods on YAHOO shopping, you must use the intermediary services. After the buyer has completed the payment process, will send the goods purchased on YAHOO shopping.

so far, the only way to pay for the use of credit cards and PayPal payment services. After joining Alipay, YAHOO hopes that through Chinese consumers more convenient to pay the pipeline, increase sales of the site.

many of the goods purchased in Japan’s YAHOO auction are also shipped to China through intermediary services. China’s strong demand for Japanese products, especially electronic products.


is Chinese Alibaba (scroll information)’s branch of Alibaba in the market share of 80% China e-commerce. (Warriors)

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