Baidu responded to music cool days off the follow up program is being negotiated

, Japan’s largest e-commerce website Lotte Group, will set up a joint venture with Baidu in the China closed B2C site cool days in April 27th this year. In response, Baidu official said, the decision made by the board of optimism, the two sides are currently negotiating the follow-up treatment plan.

cool days by Baidu and Lotte Group in 2010 established a joint venture, the two sides were holding 49% and 51%. Not long ago heard anecdotal cool days of mass layoffs, Baidu divestment news, but has not been confirmed by both sides. However, rumors appeared less than a month’s time, Lotte in today officially announced that it will close the cool days of the operation at the end of May.

in this regard, Baidu official said in response to shareholder has been aware of the relevant circumstances, and stressed the close music cool days Lotte resolutions of the board of directors. Baidu side said that the two sides are negotiating the follow-up of the program, but also pointed out that Baidu will be very concerned about the music cool days of Chinese employees and partners to protect the interests of". (Shu Shi)

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