Suning com three controversy the great leap forward growth of user stickiness low pile



Jingdong Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) made a mistake, he woke up early Suning such a giant." Some people have commented on last year’s Jingdong Suning price war. As outsiders see, business platform Suning’s launched a rapid market offensive throughout 2012, become one of the fastest progress business platform. January 16th, Suning announced its electricity supplier transcripts: last year, about 18 billion 300 million of total revenue, although not reached the beginning of the year 20 billion sales target, but still achieve an increase of 210% year on year.

The status of

in the 2013 Suning internal will be more prominent. The Tencent was informed on before, Suning has recently on to make some adjustment, to strengthen its power by group purchasing advantages at the same time, the original home appliances, daily necessities to change the way of thinking to reinvent the wheel, more lightweight. Specifically, appliances 3C products marketing power back to the group level, the Suning centralized procurement, general merchandise reserve mining sales, but the focus to the open platform. The purpose of the adjustment is undoubtedly push to further increase revenue and reduce costs.

No doubt that

growth, but the opponent is still not a small gap. 2012 sales is not expected to also show that despite’s attempt to quickly catch up, but failed to achieve its original goal. The income of 18 billion 336 million yuan last year, including travel, recharge, lottery, etc. virtual products group purchase business scale of about 1 billion 500 million, the second half of last year, the acquisition of red child 1 billion 620 million yuan annual results are also included in the statistics, the real from under the entity commodity sales revenue is only 15 billion 216 million yuan, compared with last year, Jingdong sales amounted to 60 billion yuan, Tmall electric appliances city trading volume reached 50 billion 200 million.

on the other hand, behind relatively bright sales data, largely from Suning regardless of the cost of investment. For example, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong not only built luxury building for, also die under the command: Suning where there is, will require around the branch in the local operation promotion as the largest flagship store to prepare for, will also in the sales data around into the general manager of each branch of the scope of performance assessment. It is a question mark whether these great leap forward methods can last and last.

and Jingdong to fight the war with advertising hit performance

Zhang Jindong is an ambitious goal, namely the integration of the supply chain, improve the logistics warehousing and data processing capabilities, in order to build an ecological chain, and then through the chain store, Suning Tesco official and the "terminal" to sell their services. The 2012 to set a goal is the minimum 20 billion yuan, 30 billion yuan in the sprint sales support, therefore there is no upper limit. The 2012 external intuitive feeling is that overbearing, promotional advertising in >

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