Yishui group purchase network after blindly follow the trend must be flower briefly as the broad lea

recently this time, group purchase network is popular, can be said to be set off a wave of All flowers bloom together. at home, a thriving magnificent landscape.

according to relevant media reports, in just a month’s time, the country emerged more than and 400. Even Baidu’s hao123 site is also pushing the home network.

first, I want to say is, buy is really a very good model, it is likely to become the next blue ocean. Before the group buying network has not appeared, we have a lot of real life in the classic case of group buying. The famous comedian "Hubei TV star", by virtue of personal popularity and appeal, had led thousands of people to the United States to buy air conditioning group, he has obtained hundreds of thousands of rebate. But this is, after all, relying on celebrity effect can do.

China Internet never lack of imitation and replication, in a short period of time, such as take out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is not surprising. But so many followers, whether it can be divided into a soup?

took the previous "Witkey", the home office SOHO family, the idea of Utopia is really perfect, but now is one of the few surviving. But they may not be compared, because Witkey is more or less questioned by people. But on the Internet after so many years of development, no matter what the new model copy come out, are blindly follow the trend to a flash in the pan, which is the unspoken rules of China’s Internet development.

those blind followers, I do not deny that you have a keen sense of information and business acumen. But if you don’t have the strength, you do it like this? You can burn the site, how much capital? Really can be bigger, but then three or four only, after the bubble boom, certainly will slowly die.

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