How to look at the tight encirclement of the Jingdong The Legendary Swordsman

The rise of

Jingdong can be said is we see in the eyes, and with a variety of electronic commerce, open, Jingdong is facing the pressure of competition is increasing, in the face of domestic electricity supplier resources fighting situation, Jingdong want to recruit funds through the market, and in the global scope to better financing, for the next spring. Then, the Jingdong’s competitive advantage where? How to develop these advantages to win


first of all, its advantages are reflected in its brand. Jingdong is a pioneer in the field of electricity providers, so many years of accumulation has no small influence. Jingdong mall, regardless of the amount of visits, hits, sales and its influence on the industry has a proud result, which is the premier B2C e-commerce platform in the country. So, this is the primary advantage of Jingdong. In this era of fierce competition in e-commerce, brand value can be said to be the first trump card. Jingdong has won more awards, which is not only beneficial to the performance of its positive, but also shows the influence and radiation of the Jingdong, perhaps this is the future of its competitive advantage in competition. So from this point we can see both the provider and my own small West network where the classification of the information industry, to seize the opportunity to build their own brand is really important, it is very important to attract users and diluted cost, especially the release of information, trust and approval by the people and that between the brand, nature can not be ignored.

Jingdong’s second advantage is its cost advantage. One point of competition is its cost control. Jingdong electronic mall e-commerce to achieve a good digital, electronic management, which is beneficial to the development of many years after its exploration, can be said to have a good advantage in cost control. It can save a lot of manpower, material resources, better control costs to highlight their competitive advantage. In the process of continuous exploration, Jingdong electronic mall also optimized the overall supply chain, making the comparison with similar electronic mall, has a more favorable price to attract the public. But there is one thing to note, that is when the Jingdong early in the industry did not begin attention to self logistics, the Jingdong post cost control has inherent advantages, to know how to do this, many people are not in their joke of the Jingdong, but in view of the current situation, Jingdong with self Logistics, so we can grasp on the distribution of the product crystal clear, this is a super far vision.

Jingdong’s third advantage lies in its efficiency. Jingdong mall provides a more comprehensive e-commerce chain, which can be more comprehensive and detailed display of goods, can also give consumers more detailed price inquiries, of course the express delivery service, customer service. It can achieve the most ideal efficiency, better service to different geographical consumer. Relying on years of logistics system, consumers can enjoy a better stay at home, sit back and enjoy the convenience of. The efficiency can better realize the competitive advantage.

The fourth advantage of

Jingdong is its work

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