3 days to sell 500 thousand sets of GREE air conditioning United States online and offline efforts t

days ago, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu in the United States and business negotiation will put rhetoric "3 days to sell 500 thousand sets of air conditioning, breaking a new world record" has become the focus of industry. It is reported that the two sides will be March 27th -29, more than 1 thousand and 600 stores in the United States and the United States and the United States launched a total of 500 thousand sets of online GREE special air conditioning, hand in hand the impact of the world’s record for the sale of 500 thousand sets of air conditioning for the past 3 days.

as an online support, at 0 on March 27th, the United States will take the lead in the opening of the Internet, the exclusive set of 500 thousand GREE air conditioning activities. During the event, consumers in addition to enjoy the freezing point of GREE air conditioning, but also on the basis of the enjoyment of the full range of hundreds of thousands of dollars and the return of cash coupon discount. It is understood that the 500 thousand sets of GREE air conditioner overall decline of up to 20%, the United States will work together to lift the online and offline air conditioning industry buy tide!


Gome online and GREE powerful combination of 500 thousand sets of exclusive air conditioning

The United States

rhetoric "3 days to sell 500 thousand sets of air conditioning, where a new world record breaking" confidence? Vice president of the United States online yellow Xiang Ping said, "during the 315 United States online promotion, the whole network transaction volume grew 320%, let us see the consumer advocate" to the United States online based on users’ new consumer appliances the concept and the United States full channel recognition. Around this idea, based on large data analysis, coupled with GREE’s promotional push, the United States online and offline have confidence to create a new world record."

in just the end of the 315 big promotion, GREE air-conditioning has become the most popular brand. In terms of self, the United States online sales of GREE air conditioning models for the number of 200, far exceeding the number of Jingdong’s 100 GREE air conditioning models, while Suning is no GREE air conditioning sales.

Huang Xiangping said that the United States online is the only one to reach a depth of cooperation with GREE electricity supplier business, you can enjoy the direct supply of products and production lines, such as the direct treatment of warehousing. The combination of both can not only achieve the perfect 1+1> 2, enhance the brand competitiveness of two-way, more fully reflects GREE’s own first brand air conditioner market confidence, as well as the United States and win the largest air conditioner market channel control confidence.

1.5 air conditioners a price of 1599 yuan to push air conditioning history of freezing at

In addition to the 500 thousand sets of GREE air conditioning

exclusive grab, Gome online will start the same period turned out to grab air conditioning "activities, including the United States, Hisense, TCL and other big air conditioning is really freezing prices, 1.5 air-conditioning price, a fixed frequency inverter air conditioner price. If the price of fixed frequency inverter air conditioner, a large hanging type inverter air conditioner price 2499-2699 yuan, 1999 yuan price activity; a price of 1.5 air conditioning, 1.5 horse hanging type air conditioner price 1899, 1599 yuan price activity.

industry experts believe that this year’s two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang has put forward the line can be trusted to provide online shop endorsement. The United States has more than 1 thousand and 600 stores online, and will be >

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