Taobao said and music cool days of competition for the early speech

, jointly established by Baidu and Japan’s B2B2C joint venture company officially announced to the outside world, enable the "cool" music as its online service platform brand name, and at the same time open website domain name:, for the majority of businesses to accept online registration.

it is worth noting that, in May 10th, Sun Zhengyi, chairman of the board Ma and Softbank group Alibaba group jointly announced in Hangzhou, and Japan’s Softbank holdings of YAHOO Japan will set up cross-border online shopping platform. June 1st, Taobao and YAHOO, Japan’s cross-border electronic trading platform formally launched. According to Taobao recently released data, the website has accounted for 80% of the China network shopping market share, Baidu and Lotte cooperation, can change the competitive pattern of


TechWeb interviewed relevant responsible person, responsible person said that the competition between the existence of market economy is to determine the relationship, not a business the statements of a school.

it is reported that the "cool" music of the home page, in addition to attract businesses to register online, especially in the most striking references to a set of data of the BP consulting firm, in this group, Lotte brand in Yahoo! JAPAN score above ranked first, it seems that also shows the competition between the two companies.

it is understood that the cool days of Lotte and Baidu earlier this year announced a $50 million joint venture between Lotte, which owns 51% shares of the company, Baidu accounted for 49%. In addition, music cool day is also about to be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, and other cities in the domestic large-scale investment.

industry experts believe that although the cool days has been set up, but also did not see the platform specific operation strategy and the actual transaction, as for the future development is still difficult to predict, only the platform of real operation, in order to have a specific judgment. (Li Qing)

background information:

was founded in 1997, Lotte, Japan is currently the largest online shopping mall. "The cool days" said Nakamura Akihito CEO, co founded and Baidu Inc cool days, China positioned to create a large online shopping mall, but also for the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises China services, share new opportunities for e-commerce market booming brought. Before Baidu and Lotte cooperation, Baidu launched its own B2B e-commerce platform in 2008 – ah". Less than 2 years, Baidu once again teamed up to launch B2B2C platform and Lotte cool days".

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