Taobao small sellers self harm competition group purchase network will not repeat the mistakes

introduction: the situation in the network group purchase within three years, why Rainbow Night? What is the similarity of Taobao small sellers competition method and group purchase network competition? Taobao small sellers rise in narrow space, their path where


Taobao C2C e-commerce model in China’s leading position, no one can shake. Whether it is "double eleven" promotional activities, sales record, or total annual sales, let the other than the electricity supplier. And behind all of this, in addition to the massive data processing capabilities Taobao platform, there are many sellers of sweat and sweat.

Taobao small sellers forced to implement price war, wounding and hurt himself


carrying too many people and the pursuit of dreams, attracting tens of thousands of shops in every day. However, Taobao platform can not withstand the maximum number of stores, which is an indisputable fact that the facts. So, Taobao is also the moment to adjust the rules, search traffic is more inclined to Tmall mall and the high value of the big seller. The result is that the rise of small sellers smaller space, the risk of being eliminated is increasing.

due to the credibility and transparency of the price of Taobao, so that consumers on the seller’s situation at a glance. Just to join Taobao, credibility is not high value sellers, choose the price of finished forced competition. Price competition is actually a vicious competition, it is like a double-edged sword, the result can only be a lose lose, stab to the competition at the same time, he was hurt badly mutilated. In such an e-commerce environment, only consumers profit. However, in fact, China’s e-commerce environment, has formed such a bad pattern.

network group purchase and fading raging like a storm

from 2010 onwards, buy the network in China, such as springing up, thousands of regiments war, which kicked off. Most of China’s Internet companies in the early days of creation, there is often a shortage of funds. In order to remove the weakness, let oneself more fighting and competitiveness, to attract venture capital has become an inevitable choice for the network group purchase. For a group of ten without any sales performance, the estimated ten investors will shake their heads. In order to retain consumers, attract investment, no bottom line price has become a powerful magic weapon to buy a network. There are a lot of buy 300 yuan net purchase, sale of $200, and even cause the supplier to buy the network to buy goods situation. Thus, a false prosperity was born, buy network also reached the purpose of attracting investment.

human greed and desire is endless. Consumer online shopping habits once it is developed, it is difficult to change. Even if there are a large number of customer base, if you buy the product price increases, these customers will have lost. Early users of the Internet should be aware of the 263 mailbox, when it is the leading position in China’s e-mail. The first 263 mailbox is available for free use, when it is very influential, the implementation of the 263 charge 5 yuan fee to the user monthly policy. Arguably, >

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