Many children local activities and information service platform

in 2014 China’s population of 16 million 870 thousand people, more than in 2013, more than 470 thousand people, 0-6 years old children more than 100 million, more than 4 million of urban children. These figures are behind a structural change, more younger 85, 90 began to enter the home birth period, 80 has gradually entered the early stage.

, early maternal electricity supplier platform, this group of mom and dad have been used to network to solve the diverse needs of children in the growth process. As honey bud baby Liu Nan has been stressed that the mother and child electricity supplier market standing is China’s tens of millions of middle-class families, so the greater the electricity supplier platform, then the greater the chance of vertical. Today, the life of the consumer O2O market fire, then this means that the public O2O market also have a chance?

"treasure" is a children’s local information service platform, collection of fun family activities, including family travel, photography, performance, delicacy, talent training activities and so on. A service object is 0-10 year old children, operation and maintenance of business activities in the form of PGC, and on-line Master system in the new version, let the active user self quality activities list. At present, many only support the Beijing area, only opened the invitation and sharing function, payment function will be on the line in the next edition.

although the "treasure" for the end user C is an information platform for end users, B is a diversion platform, founder Deng Yongjing told the 36 krypton, flow platform is a long-term goal of the turbo, future goal is to create a parent brand on the Internet, involving O2O. "Most of the parent-child activities is an experiential consumption, the consumer must be done online, so the future treasure business will be extended to the line of the family service."

turbo team of 12 people, the founder of Deng Yongjing and Wan Chengtao are from the television industry, to do with the children’s parenting program. Team in January this year to complete the 4 million angel financing, led by the onion fund investment, venture capital and investment in Changzhou. With the "treasure", cultivate children’s activities and the market "doll commune", "Tong Tour" etc..

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