The lifeline of E commerce Website Trust

previously proposed a Keywords, called "common power", and now think about, in fact, when the consideration is not comprehensive, and now use the site to replace the trust, or the reputation of the site.

talk about this issue today, are some of the key research in this period of time, why e-commerce low conversion rate, used to write some articles on this topic, such as: search engine marketing customer conversion rate, search engine marketing, in fact, can go further, but also gave some examples of high conversion website. But see a recent survey, and I hope to makeup a commonplace talk of an old scholar, to discuss with you the problem.

according to the’s latest survey of how e-commerce websites persuade customers to buy, the analysis of 1300 surveys found that the following factors affect the user’s purchase:

seller credit – 28%

price – 26%

site look and feel – 16%

website usability – 15%

merchandise discount – 4%

express delivery and other reasons – 3%

appears on the search engine – 2%

specific details please click here.

this data reflects:

has 28% users to buy the reason is the credibility of the seller, 26 of the users to buy the reason is the price, but the surprise is the look and feel of the website for 16% is the first elements of their orders.

so, we can think of overseas, why eBay this kind of website can attract so many sellers, in fact, is because the sign old enough, and offers some services, making consumers more shopping desire. Look at Taobao, although Taobao various sellers a lot, but can get more orders must be some crown or diamond seller, to a certain extent this actually shows on the Internet, users actually feel the most is not safe.

this investigation also makes us aware of several problems:

1, the impact of the single factor is actually more than the user, the seller’s reputation is the first element of the order.

2, our data may not show the real intention of the user, I mean: no matter what kind of data we use statistics, actually can not completely show the user real inner world, return to nature of the business, should start from the user demand.

3, it is worth noting that, although the search engine to bring more traffic to the people, but it is sad because you place the order before the order of the fact that there is no legendary so high.

so what is the way to improve the trust of the site, improve the buyer in your website shopping desire >

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