Prada 4 consecutive years of revenue decline in 2017 there will be a new growth point

Prada performance will improve this year,


yesterday released Prada annual financial preliminary sales data, fiscal year 2016 Prada consolidated earnings of $3 billion 184 million, according to a fixed exchange rate fell by 9% (fixed rate). Among them, from a regional perspective, the Asia Pacific sales fell 12%, Europe, America and the Middle East market market fell 5%, 12% and 10%, while Japan’s sales revenue in the last 5 consecutive years of growth fell for the first time, a decrease of 13%.

Prada is a luxury brand in Italy, the main production and distribution of luxury handbags, leather goods, footwear, apparel and accessories and other luxury goods. In 2011 the company listed in Hongkong, but since 2013, Prada sales have been in decline, 2013~2015 revenues were 3 billion 587 million euros, 3 billion 552 million euros, 3 billion 547 million euros, net profit fell from 6% in 2013 to less than 4% in 2015. 2016 fiscal data revenue fell by 9%, is the largest data change in the past four years.


for 2015 revenue decline, chief executive of Prada, said the 2015 currency market volatility and world geopolitical political situation is worsening two factors is the key factor affecting the sales revenue. These two factors make the price volatility, the flow of tourists scattered, Prada retail network to reduce consumer groups. In the face of the decline in 2016 revenue, Prada officials said in the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong and Macao rent expensive and sales decreased significantly; the European region public tragedy led to poor sales in Japan; due to the strong yen appreciation caused by the adverse effects on the number of visitors, revenue fell Prada.


Prada revenue in the past four years and poor performance, earnings from Prada, it is worth noting, Prada in the retail channel, 620 outlets have 2 billion 635 million euros in revenue at the fixed exchange rate fell by 13%, but in the electronic retailer revenue reached 504 million euros, according to the fixed exchange rate 14%. In addition, Prada officials have said in an open document, will increase digital marketing, strengthen dialogue with consumers. Revenue from data online and offline, not difficult to determine whether the Prada group will increase the electricity supplier sales, and this change, and 36Kr’s analysis of Hermes "up and down" luxury brand retail line poor transformation to increase online sales scale is consistent with the trend.

addition, the latest revenue data show that Prada in the second half of 2016 in the Asia Pacific region, Europe is showing a growth trend, the 2016 year after the second half of the growth in sales of Prada sales

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