Baidu micro purchase experience to create a big entrance B2C is not easy

Baidu in January launched a low-key micro purchase, but in recent years there have been some well-known IT information on its website related reports. Baidu said it would build a big entrance B2C, changing the user shopping. I immediately went to the Baidu micro purchase experience, the overall feeling is the same as the name of the fast, small, less three micro characteristics.

Baidu to Taobao in the field of electronic commerce has been unwilling to abandon this big fat, ah in the launch failed, and polymerization fought electricity supplier launched a shopping search, recently made big moves, launched a micro purchase shopping application, but this is to be kept many.

what Baidu micro purchase: when users search for certain goods in Baidu, will trigger Baidu micro purchase. Users do not need to register to quickly order, and in the absence of jump to the source site, the application can be completed in the Baidu page application box. The order of the user only fill in the phone number, verification code, address and other information, cash on delivery. In addition, users can also in the Baidu micro purchase application page query order, the application returns etc..


Baidu micro purchase, the commodity category mainly containing wine, cosmetics, confectionery, mainly from the electricity supplier website B2C Jingdong mall, shop No. 1. Subsequently, Baidu micro purchase will gradually increase the scope of goods. It is understood that the current micro purchase business cooperation has been extended from the shop No. 1, Jingdong, mall to, serves network and other electricity supplier website.

I also went to experience this new online shopping. Just through the search iphone4s, wine, beef jerky and other keywords to experience a bit, have triggered the Baidu micro purchase, but the source of goods only to see Jingdong mall. Baidu micro purchase B2C entrance dream seems great, but want to change the way users shopping seems to be there are many unknowns.

wolf under the teeth on a consumer’s point of view to evaluate the special Baidu micro purchase:

micro purchase from the name is not difficult to understand, micro fast, small, less.

fast and convenient shopping is the characteristics and advantages of micro purchase, so that people can easily buy what you want. Well-known sites such as Taobao, a Jingdong store and so on also no one is no need to register to buy, Baidu micro purchase support is a cash payment, basically have no registration shopping possible. Prior to the release of a number of websites related to the data report, the user registered in the e-commerce site, the payment time and the time to jump out of the page is very high, which seriously affect the conversion rate of electricity supplier.

I mean small refers to the introduction of goods and small commodity evaluation. Baidu can be seen on the micro purchase of goods basically only the main features and parameters, and it is impossible to have a detailed picture. Therefore, only a very familiar with a product and has a strong intention to purchase the talent may be purchased through micro purchase. At the same time, micro purchase Exhibition

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